Aluminium Alloy Entrance Eaves
The Epson Innovation Centre Entrance Canopy

Location: Nagano


Nikkei Architecture 2006

Exterior Appearance
This is for an entrance to the IT Company's building. We have focused on a design of great originality to ensure a sophisticated appearance breaking away from the paradigm.

The whole eaves was created with a 12mm-thick aluminium alloy plate perfectly welded as an integral construction. Three different types of holes in the eaves let in light giving the impression of a star-studded sky.

The eaves is angled both backwards and forward. The legs supporting the eaves are characterised by optimum strength-to-weight ratio, are maintenance-free and also corrosion resistant. The legs function as supporting points.

Scale Model

Full Scale Drawing Technique

On-Site Construction

Holes in the Roof

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