Location: Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture

 A gasoline station and service pit located on the national highway. The owner of this gas station has been supplying fuel to the local people for fifty years from generation to generation. But the TSUNAMI following the 2011 major earthquake tragically washed away the old gas station. After the TSUNAMI, despite the very hard situation, the owner opened a temporary station to supply oil to the locals. The reconstruction team's concept was "contribution to the community" and "succession of business". This was realized in a unique design utilizing single steel plate. Passing motorists can enjoy the view of the continuous arch-shaped building.

 Single steel plate arch
 (all welding method) : COR-TEN steel                                t=6mm  
 Surface finishing: air sand blasted
                         without coating  

 COR-TEN steel was used for all the walls and the roof. The arches made of steel plate were assembled together in order to separate each section. Nowadays modern architectural construction involves the work being subdivided with a variety of specialists involved with each part. In earthquake disaster restoration the challenge is not only the luck of material but also the luck of the worker. Our solution was the use of single steel plate. The resultant building is an impressive fusion of engineering and design.

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Port of Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan   Takahashi Kogyo co., ltd