Cottage in Ishigaki Island
Spiral staircase and Banister made of Corten Steel

Location: Okinawa

Completed Exterior Appearance (Terrace Banisters on the
2nd and 3rd floors)

The completed Exterior Spiral Staircase

Corten Steel was used as the material for the spiral staircase and banister because we thought this material would ideally blend in with the beauty of Ishigaki Island. In addition we could make full use of the material's texture. In order to create an expansive space benefiting the natural surrounds, we used 13φ round bars as primary members.

Spiral Staircase, Terrace Stairs
Corten Steel: 13φ round bar sandblast finished without painting

There are neither support posts nor open stringers. Therefore, round bars were jointed together on the angle by welding to support the stair treads. The commonality of design brings a sense of unity to the spiral staircase and the terraces on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Moreover, as maintenance-free is an important consideration, Corten Steel is the appropriate material for this cottage.

Work proceeding on the Spiral Staircase at the factory

Banister under construction

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