Location: Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture

 This food factory is located in an industrial park. The platform eaves are covered with aluminium giving an impressive wave-like appearance. The total length of this unique platform is 86m with eaves of 7m width. Visitors to the factory are fascinated by the unusual appearance.

 Covering panels (roof and wall)
          : aluminium alloy t=3mm  
 Inside stiffener
          : steel plate (steel deck)
 Surface finishing: UZUKURI finish

 The eaves of the platform are made of aluminium and steel frame in a cantilever structure capable of bearing external stress. The aluminium used for the roof and walls is the type usually used for shipbuilding. The panel joints are welded from the point of view of design and water tightness - all seamlessly finished. For surface accuracy and surface rigidity the steel deck is attached inside the aluminium. The different types of steel are combined using our original welding method which we call "composite aluminium panel". This is a new method never previously used for exterior materials.

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