Fish Market in Matsushima

Location: Miyagi

1997 JSSC Tohoku Outstanding Performance Award

Shinkenshiku Vol.72, No.9


Rooftop Deck


2nd Floor Terrace


We aimed to create the fish market as one of Matsushima’s popular sights. (The Matsushima group of islands is one of the marvelled "Three views of Japan"). The market is located on the Museum's parking lot. Structural simulations were run: One provided for the smooth movement of large sightseeing buses. The other simulated the arrangement of the sales floor. The results allowed us to optimize our plan for the building. The outcome was a literal ship shape-most appropriate for a fish market.

Folded-Sandwich-Slab was used for the flooring. In combination with Mega-Truss this allowed us to actualize use of large spans in both the 2nd and 3rd floors. Stress assessment was based on stereo analysis. This confirmed the whole force flow, the stress of each member and their transformations, resulting in smaller members being used.


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