Monuments in front of Kesennuma Station

'A Shark Monument', 'A Bonito Monument' and 'A Swordfish Monument'

Location: Furumachi, Kesennuma, Miyagi

The Finished Work

In order to promote Kesennuma as a fish and shark fishing city to tourists, a shark monument was installed in front of Kesennuma Station for the Lion’s Club’s 40th anniversary celebration. Afterwards, 'a Bonito Monument' and 'a Swordfish Monument' were added in celebration of the 45th anniversary.

The monuments were created as integral constructions. The metal plates, created individually, were connected to each other to make the 3-dimensional structures.

The whole impression changes when viewed from different angles. We devised a large shark tail fin which moves from side to side in the wind. All the monuments are the size of real fish.

A Shark Monument

Length 3.3 m
Width 1.2 m
Height 1.8 m
(Including pole)
Girth 0.52 m
A Swordfish Monument

Length 3.45 m
Width 0.6 m
Height 2.3 m
(Including pole)
Girth 0.3 m
A Bonito Monument

Length 0.6 m
Width 0.12 m
Height 0.6 m

(Including pole)

Girth 0.12 m

Drawing Impression
Work in Progress at the Factory

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