Kanno Museum of Art 

Location: Shiogama, Miyagi


Steel Structural Technology Vol.18 No.209

Kenchiku Gijutsu No.676

Shinkenchiku Vol.81, No.3

GA Japan Vol.79

The Finished Construction

An elderly couple, who live on a small hill in this small port town, are passionate collectors of Auguste Rodin’s art works. This private museum was built to permanently display their collection. We were required to create the museum in a character similar in style to Rodin’s Sculptures.

Weatherproof alloy steel panels were used for the walls, floors and the roof. The blackish-brown protective layer of stable rust which forms on the surface of alloy steel over the years ensures a maintenance-free building.

We created embossed steel panels in original patterns to satisfy the sculpturesque-style requirement as well as strength. These were combined as a sandwich to increase the surface stiffness.

Underneath on-site Welding
Photographer: Dana Buntrock, Professor of Architecture, UC Berkeley, California.

On-site Construction under Scaffolding

The Completed Building

Model of the Embossed Structure

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