Bathroom in Ozaki’ Residence
Location: Yamagata

Mac Power Vol.17, No.7

At Night, Light from the Bathroom Shines
into the Outside Darkness

This house is located at the foot of the Ohu Mountain range in an area experiencing heavy snowfalls. The client’s request for a 'Jacuzzi Bath with a Great View and Filled with Bright Natural Light of Winter' has been fulfilled. Radiant sunshine shines in through countless windows created in the walls, floor and the ceiling. The bathroom has the appearance of a monocoque egg-shell like frameless construction.

Style & Features:
Each of the separate rooms is attached onto reinforced concrete foundation walls. One is a bathroom. We made three different hole dimensions in the steel plate (15φ、25φ、45φ). The total number of holes is around 1,600. In order to allow the transmission of light, GFRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) prepared with dissolved pigment, was laminated onto both sides. The steel plate is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and provides heat insulation. The steel plate provides the structure and the transom window frames.

Work in Progress at our Factory

The Completed Building

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