Sakashita Bathroom in the Imperial Court
With Large Aluminium Alloy Roof

Location: Imperial Court, Tokyo

Finished Exterior Appearance

Finished Exterior Appearance

Interior Ceiling View

For the reconstruction of the Sakashita Bathroom, the roof was constructed of aluminium alloy. This gives the finished work an impression of lightness relative to its size. The roof console is supported on 9 rods to realise the airy open interior.  

Aluminium Alloy: 5083P-O (Thickness=4mm), (Thickness=5mm)
Sandwich Construction

Final Touch:
Roof Surface :"MUKI FUSSO" Mild Solvent Thinnable Fluoropolymer "Pain"(Grey Colour)

Insulating Ceramic Additive
Ceiling Surface : Aluminium Alloy with Rough Textured Surface Finish

The roof console was divided into 4 blocks which were produced in our factory (each block: W=8.3m, L=12.2m). Assembly of the integrated structure was carried out by welding onsite.


Under construction in Our Factory

Onsite Assembly

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