Steel Folded-Sandwich Roof Structure
Tohoku University: New School Canteen

Location: Miyagi


The new canteen was rebuilt on the main thoroughfare on Aobayama Engineering Campus near the Botanical Garden of Tohoku University. This is a relaxing mingling area for university officials, visitors and also tourists. Zelkova trees, which had surrounded the old canteen, were incorporated into the new building without cutting or transplanting.

Rib Material □60×30×3.2mm (Thickness)(Top and Bottom)

Deck Plate

Roof  550㎡

The layout including the approach to the botanical garden gate, the square, the piloti with half-outdoor space, scenic seating in the canteen and the terrace, was composed in an oval elliptical-shape.   
Perforations were made between the piloti and the roof above the seats in the canteen to allow sunlight to stream in through the Zelkova leaves as natural light. In order to reduce the trees' burden, the roof, rib material and deck plates were constructed in our factory and then assembled onsite with spot welding.

Piloti Inside the Canteen

Onsite Construction
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