Terrace in the Forest

Location: Saitama

GA Japan Vol.45

Sketches from Osamu Ishiyama Laboratory

This facility allows people to immerse themselves in the forest and experience a floating feeling. From the open space, the surrounding natural landscape can be enjoyed.

The whole structure is composed of expanded metal (8m/m). It is supported by just three steel tubes to give it the appearance of a floating object.

Column Base  P-φ114.3×8.6(3 tubes)
Terrace Body
Circumferentially Expanded Metal EX14Length       12m60
Maximum Length   4m70
Maximum Depth   3m55

Generally it is difficult to bend expanded metal into 3-dimensional curved surfaces. However, we managed to succeed by drawing on shipbuilding technology. The adapted technique blends perfectly with nature as wood is used in the construction.

View of the Entrance to the Terrace
from the Recreation Trail

Visitors Can enjoy Japanese Cypresses inside
the Terrace

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