Curved Aluminium Alloy Roof

Location: Imperial Palace, 1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda, Tokyo
2005 15th AACA Award

GA Japan Vol.75
Shinkenchiku Vol.80, No.13


The insubstantial light roof appears more like a wing than an alloy. It aptly blends in with the warmth and tranquil atmosphere of this tree-surrounded area.

In creating this welded construction we took advantage of the characteristics of the specific strength of aluminium alloy. The indoor ceiling made of aluminium alloy reflects the lightness and greenery of the surrounding trees.

We created the a three-dimensional curve using plate forming techniques as used in shipbuilding with just fire and water. To facilitate the weld joining of concrete and aluminium alloy, we used aluminium alloy clad steel.

Smooth 3-dimensional Ceiling

Roof Structure Model
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