Jinbo-Cho Theatre

 Location: Jinbo-Cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo   Publications:
CAD & CG Magazine Vol.9, No.3
Shinkenchiku Vol.82, No.11, 2007
GA Japan Vol.88
Nikkei Architecture No.856

Finished Exterior Appearance

Slits between the Panels

This theatre, a centre of entertainment, has brought back the excitement of cinema and raconteur performances to Jinbo-Cho just like in the old days.

Exterior Corten Steel Panel
(thickness - 4.5mm)

The exterior Corten Steel panel functions as the wall's finishing material as well as providing earthquake-resistance and thermal insulation. Soiling can be easily cleaned off. The slit between the panels acts as a rain gutter for water drainage. This unification of design, structure and detail, resolves problems common for architects such as dirt removal and rainwater.

Scale Model

Impression of the Theatre

 On-site Work Underway
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