Sendai Mediatheque

Location: Sendai, Miyagi  

2003 Architectural Institute of Japan Award
2002 Building Contractors Society Award
2001 Good Design Award

GA Japan, Vol.38



Sendai Mediatheque was opened at the start of the 21st century as an art cultural hub for the city. Citizens' cultural activities flexibly responding to changes in society are held in this innovatively designed transparent space.

The building consists of small and large columns and flat floor panels. The tubular columns convey the impression of seaweed shimmering in the sea. These steel tube columns support both horizontal forces and the vertical load. The thin, stiff steel honeycomb floors are connected with each other between the columns.

A total of 6,000 tons of steel was used for the building. The tube columns totalled 2,000 tons and the floor panel 4,000 tons. This special construction was achieved using onsite welding. Altogether, the length of the welded steel was 500km. Difficult heat shrinkage and strain distortion problems caused by welding had to be overcome. We achieved this by using techniques derived from shipbuilding technology. Sendai Mediatheque is the result of the creative combination of art and technology.

せんだいメディアテーク工事状況1 せんだいメディアテーク工事状況2
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