Radio Telescope Dome(NANTEN2)
Location: Atacama Desert, South America

The Construction Site
Ever since Galileo aimed his telescope at the universe, mankind has strove to resolve the galactic questions. Now, observations of electromagnetic waves in the sub-mm waveband are able to resolve the mysteries. To further the quest, a Radio Telescope Dome ‘Nanten’ of 4m diam. was built on the Atacama Highlands 5,000m above sea level. Atacama, a desert region on the Bolivia-Argentina border, experiences severe weather conditions. Winds are up to 50m/sec and there is a 50℃ difference between day and night. Therefore, the Radio Telescope's protective dome was created in Japan. It was transported by sea and land before being set up in Atacama.

The Surrounding Desert Area

In order to follow the earth's rotation a 360° rotating Dome was created. The outer shell at the top of Dome opens and closes from both sides to respond to any sudden climate changes. We used corrugated steel plate for the outer shell to achieve a lighter weight. A cylindrical shaped exterior was designed to minimize the effects of strong winds.

Intermediate Camp(San Pedro de Atacama at 2800m)

Radio Telescope

Gore-Tex Protective Tent
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