Bird Park: Corten Steel Fence

Location: Tokyo

Casa Brutus 2008

The Finished Work

The original rust-colour of the fence will deepen as time advances. In the near future the changing colour will bring calm to the surroundings.


This designer apartment fence is located in Meguro. The challenge was to produce an impressive design for the long approach to the entrance. Corten steel's texture and weight harmonize with the image of the building at the rear of the property. The result is tranquil opulence.

Corten Steel (Thickness=2.3mm)
Substrate Surface Finish

We have realized a maintenance-free structure needing neither repair nor coating to prevent against aging degradation. This was achieved using Corten Steel (which generates a protective layer of rust on the surface) as the material for the fence.

Sandblast Processing

Producing the Protective Rust

Harmony between Nature and People

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