Lotus Beauty Salon

Location: Mie

2006 JCD Grand Prize

GA Japan Vol.79

The Interior

The Finished Exterior

This Hair Salon has separate cubicles for the privacy of clients. Whilst preserving the privacy, our aim was to create the impression of a large open space. We produced connecting rooms akin to a "colony of ants". Using room dividers, individual spaces were created giving seated customers their privacy. But at the same time, staff can use the space as a one large room free to move around and work together to provide efficient service.

The flat ceiling is built of 4.5mm-thick steel plate supported by 60φ columns. There are two sorts: one loads the perpendicular force and the other the lateral. Three slightly different types of 50,000 holes (manually produced) permeate the steel plate. These were designed to produce a gradient lighting pattern resembling a lotus.

Construction Method
(Overhead View)

Construction Method (Internal View)

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