Setagaya Village

Location: Tokyo

2001 Art Encouragement Awards

GA Japan Vol.52


Steel-frame for the New House surrounding the Bungalow.

This new construction expresses ‘Comfort of an Unfinished House’. The client continued living in the bungalow while the new house was built directly above. This arrangement allowed the owner to maintain his life style. This private house is built of glass, steel and aluminium alloy. 

Style & Features:
To allow the owner to continue his lifestyle, 3rd-floor high columns were erected at each corner. Then, the floors made of folded-sandwich plates, were suspended from the top of the main house. 
Instead of frames, the terrace was built with combination truss rods pin joints. For increased resistance to axial forces, each member section was made as small as possible.
To actualize the client’s "Creation of a house in his own Vision", the frames and the artificial ground plate were quickly made using shipbuilding technology. Afterwards, the residents completed the building work themselves.

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