Steel Ship-Shaped Counter Bar

The Dining Bar Bleu

Location: Dotonbori, Osaka

The Finished project

The cafe restaurant reopened in the summer of 2008 in Osaka on the waterfront. The bar is characterized by its curved ship shape. Restaurant visitors can imagine they are seeing the stars from a boat floating on the river.

Length   13.32m
Width   2.12m
Depth   1.08m
Steel Frame   PL-4.5m
Outer Panel   PL-2.3m
Deck plate   PL-3.2m

Resin Paint Finish
Artistic Sketch

The counter bar in the centre of the cafe, resembles the shape of a ships hull. In order to create the curved shape, we employed shipbuilding technologies. To make the final drawing we used the curved surface and diagram line development technique. In addition, we used plate forming and welding technologies also derived from shipbuilding to process the steel plates.

Full Scale Drawing Technique

Technology of Plate Forming for Shipbuilding and Weld Technology
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