Location:7Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

2004 JCD Design Award
2004 Good Design Award
2004 Display Design Award
2004 Interior Planning Award
2004 Industrial Display Award
2004 38th highest Sign Design Award

GA Japan Vol.67
Shinkenchiku Vol.79, No.3

The Facade

Lanvin, the famous French brand, was founded by Jeanne Lanvin. The business was inspired by the clothes made by Jeanne for her daughter in the 1900's. The Boutique's twinkling acrylic resin Facade expresses the warmth of affection and benevolence.

The Facade is composed of steel panels and acrylic resin to create a Honeycomb structure which lets in light. In the daytime, sun shines through the acrylic resin into the shop, while at night, light from the interior beams out into the city.

Kaleidoscope Effect from Acrylic Cylinder Embedded in steel

We used the ‘Cooling Fit’ method in order to join the acrylic and steel together. The difference in the materials' rates of thermal expansion provides a water tight seal around the acrylic resin maintained by cylinder pressure resulting from thermal expansion.

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